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FLM Bible Quiz

Ode to Bible Quizzing

This is a poem given to me by a quizzer to put up on this site. I didn't write it, but somebody wrote it, so now it's a poem.



by an Anonymous Quizzer

Long Haired Hippie Freak

I say not "love" when love I do not mean:
Love flowing from the deep chasms of the heart;
Wherefore, quite loathe to say the word I've been,
But now I say it, for my Love thou art.
Thy beauty and thy depth have me allured;
The thought of thee hast nigh consum'd my brain.
Knowest thou, Love, what work I've well endured
The worthiness of thee only to gain?
Alas! but I am not the only one;
I know that others would compete with me;
Yet still, no matter to me what they've done,
I pray, grant me twelve minutes to win thee.
   O hear my words, thou lovely Bible Quiz,
   For I love quizzing -- that's just how it is.

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