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FLM Bible Quiz

You Might Be A Bible Quizzer If....


You quote along with your pastor as he reads scripture.

You look at a digital clock and automatically think of the reference that corresponds to the numbers on the face of the clock.

Your parents get calls of concern from the neighbors who see you practice jumping off a chair in your back yard day after day.

You consider getting up at seven a.m. on a Saturday morning "sleeping in."

The contents of your backpack always include homework, books, CD player, gum, and your Scripture portion.

You've been in so many church buildings that you could design sanctuaries for a living.

Your email address has the word "quiz" in it.

When asked about career ambitions you say, "I want to be a quizmaster when I grow up."

At least half of your wardrobe matches those of your teammates.

You ever planned your summer around how much you were going to learn next for the next quiz season.

You can't remember your homework assignment for the weekend, but you can remember that memory verse you quoted in 29 seconds to win a quiz for your team two years ago.

You have taken advantage of a wonderful opportunity to learn the Bible, grow closer to the Lord, meet other teens like yourself, travel, build your mind, set goals, and meet ambition.